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Our on-site Technology Assessment process is one of the major components of our Corporate Technology Relocation process. We trace the carrier TELCO circuits from the building DMARC to the customer equipment room and then to the voice/data device in the equipment cabinet. We evaluate the application technology, the equipment, the service, and the end user. The entire infrastructure is documented, labeled, and input into our SUCCESS 2000 database to perform the circuit billing reconciliation with the customer service providers.

If you have NOT performed this service in the last three years there is a 90% chance you are over paying for both your service and the circuit usage.

  • Technology Assessment/Evaluations
  • Network Sizing and Optimization
  • Data Collection and Reporting
  • Data Reconciliation with Carriers
  • Infrastructure Design and Built
  • Enterprise Circuit Testing and Certifications
  • Success 2000 Infrastructure Database Management


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